LNG has continued to rise in price expectations and there is still a possibility of price increases in the short term The NDRC issued a document on June 28 to increase the price of natural gas portals and strive to obtain the same stock gas and incremental gas prices by 2015, which means that th

In rainy and humid climates, the chassis of your car is the most vulnerable to rain and rust. Most car owners have some understanding of the car chassis protection, but how to choose a chassis armored construction shop, how to identify the quality of the con

In 2003, Dongfeng and Nissan entered into a joint venture to establish Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. Dongfeng Limited "takes the business together" to develop two brands, Dongfeng and Nissan. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles is responsible for the development of the Dongfeng brand at Dongfeng Lim

Chemical liquid transport vehicles belong to special transport vehicles for dangerous goods. When the households are listed, the requirements for size and volume are very strict. The focus is to find a reliable manufacturer. It is a professional manufacturer

In Asia, it is reported that the Chinese government will continue to control the real estate market and cause the price of styrene to decline. Last week, the spot price of FOB Korea's pure benzene in Asia fell by 15 US dollars / ton, compared to the previous week, styrene spot fell by 30 US do

Recently, the global consulting company AlixPartners released the latest research report, said last year, China's auto parts companies profit margins almost doubled, the world's most profitable companies in the same industry. But even if the auto market continues to grow this year

Global counterfeit auto parts 80% in China! To see this amazing number, I believe that the first feeling of many Chinese car owners is that we are all using counterfeit auto parts. Before the “3·15” in the past, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce Chaoyang Branch