In 2019, the Yuchai Guoliu model of commercial vehicles was planted everywhere, and the vehicle announcement, supporting development and carrying test were basically completed. Since the introduction of the market in September, the performance of the Yuchai Guoliu engine market has been very

We usually encounter some faults in the process of using the mass flow meter more or less, so let's share some common troubleshooting methods today, let's take a look at it. The failure of a general mass flow meter can be manifested in two aspects, one is a hardware failure and the other is

The 2019 Asian Brands Top 500 list compiled by the World Brand Lab was unveiled at the Asian Brand Conference. The "Asian Top 500 Brands" were selected in 22 countries and regions, and Linglong tires were once again included in the "Asian Top 500 Brands". Linglong tires o

On March 6th, 2019, Great Wall Lubricants held the "Respect for Long Zhizhi, Leading the Future" 2019 Commercial Vehicle Oil New Product Launch Conference and Great Wall Lubricant National Distributor Conference in Hangzhou, Great Wall Lubricant Zunlong CK-4 The new diesel engine oi

Will the pulsed electronic fence be "electrically dead"? As the name implies, the X6 pulsed electronic fence produces high voltage pulses that are not high voltage grids. A pulse voltage is generated every 1.5s through the hardware circuit of the host. This pulse voltage is amplified by

Artificial intelligence has now become a common topic discussed in the technology industry. The technology has been applied to Gmail, autonomous vehicles and photo finishing, and Mark Zuckerberg even plans to develop an artificial intelligence butler. The problem is that the concept of artificial

In recent years, local provincial and provincial governments have seized the important historical opportunity of building a national “big data” comprehensive pilot zone, and raised the development of “big data” industry to the strategic level of the province, accelerating a