Soil sampling is an important way to estimate regional soil properties statistical parameters and spatial variability analysis models. Sampling design as an important part of the sampling strategy, including the sampling method (such as random sampling or hierarchical sampling) and the nu

Cars are now more and more popular, and more and more cars are currently running on the roads. It's really convenient to drive a car at a distance, but cars and people must work and rest. The following Xiao Bian talked about his own experience on the issue of car maintenance. 1, timel

From February 7th to September 9th, the marketing work conference of CNHTC Engine Sales Department was held in Hangzhou. Wang Gensheng, chairman of the engine sales company, emphasized at the meeting that the engine sales department in 2014 will face market opportunities and challenges, but the o

According to the information released by the National Bureau of Statistics on December 27th. From January to November, the total profit of industrial enterprises above designated size was 5.3338 trillion yuan, an increase of 13.2% over the same period of last year. The growth rate was 0.5

In 2013, the instrumentation industry performed relatively strong in import and export trade. For the third-party testing market, it has brought in more than 160 million yuan of testing equipment and 100,000 inspection teams. With the gradual improvement of the world economic situation, Ch

Due to the effect of the gear meshing on the pointer of the axis in the object, the position of the center of the axis of the specific gear and the value of the rotational speed can be obtained through the object. The value of this position and speed is the value of the current center position of t

XCMG XDY1500 hydraulic core drilling rig has successfully rolled off the line in recent days. The drilling rig is widely used in geological, non-ferrous, chemical, coal, nuclear and other surface solid mineral exploration and development construction, but also can be used for engineering geological