Introduction: Automotive filters play a role of filtering impurities or gases in automotive parts. Automotive filters are mainly divided into: fuel filters, air filters, and oil filters. Do not underestimate a small filter. Cleaner Oh, it is very important auto parts. High-quality car filt

A few days ago, the Ministry of Environment of South Korea accused Nissan Automobile of being suspected of tail gas cheating and would be subject to a fine of 330 million won (about 1.815 million yuan) by the Korean Ministry of Environment. Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. denies this, and said that

Ball valve (ball valve in the field of marine and ships should be a cut-off valve), the standard GB/T21465-2008 "Valve term" is defined as: the opening and closing parts (ball) driven by the valve stem, and around the axis of the ball valve for rotary motion valve . It can also be used f

On September 28th, the opening ceremony of the first demonstration bus line for hydrogen energy city buses was held in Mingfuchang Gymnasium in Sanshui District. The first hydrogen energy bus line and 12 hydrogen energy buses were put into use. The opening of the hydrogen energy bus demonstration l

At the end of last month, a black Land Rover buggy had a tyre puncture accident at the traffic light at Dingfuzhuang Village intersection on National Highway 102. The scene investigation and investigation by the Sanhe City Public Security Bureau confirmed t

Recently, the first session of the national medical robots and medical intelligent conference held in Chengdu, a series of exoskeleton robots developed independently by China debuted in Chengdu and made a stunning appearance. It is reported that this set of wearable exoskeleton robot equipment, ac

  Following the promulgation of "Several Opinions on Accelerating the Innovation and Development of Graphene Industry", the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has re-initiated a number of initiatives to guide and support the development of graphene industry, including break