Hempel will launch HEMPAGUARD? Coatings, this new hull antifouling coating for shipping has excellent antifouling properties during periods of inactivity and provides significant fuel savings. This patented new coating has been developed for five years based on silicone hydrogel and pesticide scien

High-altitude truck manufacturers tell you about effective fuel-saving measures First, the vehicle starts and accelerates with the fuel-saving high-altitude vehicle before the start of the engine start quality and fuel consumption is a direct relationship,

Special vehicles such as steam sprinkler trucks, garbage trucks, and suction and sewage suction trucks are mostly turbochargers. During operation, the speed of turbochargers is up to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute, and they are exhausted for a

Yesterday morning, a green sprinkler parked in front of the Hongshan Garden Team. The sprinkler and other sprinklers were the same. Just on the side of the tank, a pipe was erected and a nozzle was set on the pipe. On the side of the cab's gear lever, th

At present, the main water level measuring devices of Hanchuan Power Plant's 300 MW generating units are the local mica level gauge, in-situ magnetic flap level gauge, electrical contact level gauge, and buoyancy level switch. Differential pressure water level measuring device based on 1151 tr

There are certain misunderstandings about the use of chassis oil by friends of the sprinkler drivers: It is considered that the oil is cut off as full as possible. In their opinion, the more oil added, the better the lubrication of the engine, and it can al

Read the instruction manual carefully before using the sprinkler (Dongfeng or Liberation). Operating strictly according to the requirements of use is an important guarantee for using a sprinkler. 1. Requirements for Water Sources When the sprinklers (Dongf