Recently, the China Insurance Industry Association and the China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association released the latest phase-to-zero ratio data for vehicles, covering 100 models with prices of less than 1 million. Through this zero-to-zero ratio data, everyone can learn about the cost of

CNC machine tools are high-precision, high-flexibility and high-efficiency automatic machine tools. Since their investment is much higher than that of ordinary machine tools, reducing the failure rate of CNC machine tools and shortening the time to repair faults is very im

At present, the main models of domestic and international water conservancy engineering crushing processes mainly include cone crusher , jaw crusher , counter crusher , gyratory crusher, rotary disc sander and rod mill, etc., which are mainly used to prepare sand and gravel aggregates. . The cone c

Before the outbreak of the ternary lithium battery , the amount of cobalt has been relatively low, and the price of cobalt has been sluggish. Many companies have already gone out. As the national new energy vehicle subsidy new policy puts forward the energy density of power batteries, power battery

On the 30th, China Consumers Association released the analysis of complaints received by the National Consumers Association in 2017. According to the statistics of the National Consumers Association's acceptance of complaints, the National Consumers Association received 726,840 consumer complai

Sidon lighting and win-win platform is different from the past of the brand, the new O2O sales model, breaking the major dilemma of the line store, home lighting Sidon solve this major innovation in the lighting industry pain points of the store, to Seaton's customers are a new physical store i

Reverse detonation [Procedures] Article 352 When millisecond blasting is used in the mining face of a high gas mine, if reverse detonation is used, safety technical measures must be formulated. [Executive Note] When the reverse blasting of the milliwatt blasting in the mining face of the high gas