Photoelectric measurement of rotor temperature of generators in Wuhan University Journal of Yue Youlan Jiaozuo University, Henan Jiaozuo 454001 The main business is based on the light absorption characteristics of gallium arsenide semiconductors. A new type of generator rotor temperature measurem

Motorman sales team visit PERU/ECUADOR/PANAMA/COSTA RICA/BRAZIL during Mar 17 to Apr 15, in order to deepen reseach south American auto parts market , they take longer time there than before, we wish they will come back fruitfully. PTFE Conveyor Belt PTFE conveyor belt have many kinds.

New energy vehicles are no longer a strange word. Since the country introduced a series of related policies, new energy vehicles of various domestic brands have sprung up, and people’s attention to zero-emissions pure electric vehicles is not Stop the

1刖目6,13 air compressor unit motor nameplate data is model 10501480, rated power 3501. rated voltage 6000, rated speed 428 matching high voltage switchgear nameplate data is model KTG4A. voltage 6kV. supporting thyristor excitation equipment nameplate data For the model ugly rated exci

In order to speed up the application and application of advanced technologies and products in the renewable resources industry, and to explore new mechanisms and new models for the development of renewable resources industry, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently issued a not

Trucks are divided into light trucks, medium trucks and heavy trucks according to the DWT. Correspondingly, the domestic truck races are also divided into three kinds: light-card racing, medium-card racing and heavy-duty racing. The domestic truck race first appeared in 2003 and was advocated by

In agricultural breeding work, seeds need to be divided into several grams to several tens of grams in experimental fields, distribution and regional experiments, and breeding. Because of control varieties and trial and error, the species of plants are often in the millions. A manual cal