186FA Diesel Power Tiller (8.5HP)

Model NO.: 1WG6.5-135FC-ZC-2
Drive Type: Gear Drive
Arbor Configuration: Horizontal Axis
Certification: CE
Color: Orange
Trademark: Eagles
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Origin: China

186FA Diesel Power Tiller (8.5HP)

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The cleaning machine is a fully automatic continuous double-station cylinder head (cylinder) cleaning equipment, with advanced structure, high production efficiency, clean and so on. It is mainly used to clean the air passage, oil passage, water passage and exterior of cylinder head (cylinder block) after machining line, air drying, and remove chips and waste oil. In the process of cleaning the workpiece, there is no need for manual assistance, and it moves forward to the end of the cleaning step in turn (there are two workpieces in each workstation during the cleaning process).
The cleaning machine includes upper and lower workpiece mechanism, workstation conveying mechanism, cleaning mechanism, blowing and drying mechanism, sewage treatment device, self-lubricating mechanism, water mist collection mechanism, liquid level alarm device, etc.

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