24V Eco DC Aquarium Pump for Fountain/Garden

Model NO.: DC40Q
Position of Pump Shaft: Horizontal Pump
Pump Casing Combined: Horizontal Split Pumps
Mounting Height: Since Irrigation Centrifugal Pumps
Impeller: Closed
Usage: Pump, Pumps, Condensate Pump, Ash Pumps, Circulating Pump
Aquarium & Accessory Type: Water Pumps
Feature: Eco-Friendly, Stocked
Max Flow Rate: 2000L/H
Valley Power Consumption: 5 Watts
Model Number: DC40q-2000L
Max Head: 3.5 Meters
Operating Voltage: DC 24V
Peak Power Consumption: 20 Watts
Outlet: 15mm/20mm
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Trademark: Bluefish
Transport Package: Box
Specification: Size: 128x123x67mm
Origin: Shenzhen Guangdong
24V Eco DC Aquarium Pump for Fountain/Garden

We are racing to make the best, we are not racing to make the cheapest.

  • 1. Use brushless DC technology, more efficiency.
  • 2. Smaller, Stronger, and Lower Wattage.
  • 3. No regrind plastic material, high-efficiency copper wire.
  • 4. Variable-flow and easy to use, super quiet.
We hold ourselves to high standards and do not hope to replace defective products for several times, we intend to let you once satisfied.


24V Eco DC Aquarium Pump for Fountain/Garden
Model No. DC40Q-2000L
Size 128x123x67mm
Voltage DC24V
Max Flow 2000L/H
Max Head 3.5 Meters
Peak Power 20 Watts
Valley Power 5 Watts
Outlet 15mm/20mm

24V Eco DC Aquarium Pump for Fountain/Garden

If possible, we suggest you choose the larger outlet pipe to guarantee the flow rate. And it will also benefit for reducing noise.
24V Eco DC Aquarium Pump for Fountain/Garden

Without screws, Easy to disassemble, No corrosion24V Eco DC Aquarium Pump for Fountain/Garden

Package List:

24V Eco DC Aquarium Pump for Fountain/Garden

Instructions for use:

1. Steady flow rate Mode (20 Levels):
The pump will work in this mode (mode 1) when powered on. You can change the speed by the key of "Speed". When the indicator screen shows the number "101", that means you have chosen the lowest flow at mode 1, when the indicator screen shows the number "120", that means maximum flow rate at mode 1.
2. Wave making Mode (20 Levels):
Before work in wave making mode (mode 2), you should adjust the speed of mode 1 into a lower level (the water just come out from the pipe on the top tank slowly), for the normal fish tank the suitable speed is 02, the indicator screen shows "102". And then change into wave making mode (by press the key of "Mode"), the indicator screen will shows "202" (that means level 2 at mode 2), then press the key "speed" to change the wavelength.
3. Feed Mode:
Press the key "Feed" till the indicator screen shows the number "410". When the number "410" comes out, that means you have chosen Feed mode successfully. And then the pump will stop working for your feeding fishes. Meantime, the indicator screen starts the countdown when it shows the number "49". The countdown is 10 minutes. When the screen shows the number "40", that means the countdown is over and the pump will restart to work.

Maintenance & Note:

  • 1. Please clean the wave pump regularly to ensure their effectiveness.
  • 2. If there have water on the surface of the controller, please wipe with dry cloth to prevent water from entering the control box.
  • 3. When the pump stop working, first check the power adapter, then remove the foot of pump, open the pump lid by counterclockwise rotation, then clean the inner side of the pump.
  • 4. This product is used in indoor, don't let the controller and adapter fall into the water so as to cause unnecessary losses.
  • 1. Dry running is not allowed in order to guarantee the product performance.
  • 2. Keep the controller and adapter away from water and water splash.
  • 3. To avoid damage please don't open the controller and adapter.
About Bluefish Pump Company:
As one of the leading small DC water pump companies in China, we produce brushless DC pump from 2009. We ship our special purpose circulation pumps to manufacturers, retailer, and companies worldwide. We are based in the technological heaven of Shenzhen, China. We make sure that our products provide best quality and standard to its customers, OEM/ODM service is available. Looking forward to establishing a healthy business relationship with you!
Customized Service Content:
  • 1. The label on the surface of the Water Pump.
  • 2. Box of the Pump.
  • 3. Power Cable Length.
  • 4. Type of Connector Plug.
  • 5. Waterproof Power Supply.
  • 6. Water Shortage Protection.
  • 7. Others, please communicate with us.
Customized Quantity Requirements: 100 pcs
Additional Cost:
We will not charge any additional fees except the cost of raw materials. Usually, the unit price will be only a little higher than the normal standard model pump.

Why choose us?

1.Quality Control
To ensure the quality of our pumps and other products,Our QC staffs do strict supplier evaluations,in-coming inspections,in-process inspections,final inspections and pre-delivery inspections.The most important is that we listen to what our customers say and are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our products through continuous improvement.

2.OEM Ability  
We have built stable and long-term cooperate relationship with supermarkets,we can also provide ODM,OEM and Agent services to our customers over the world.

3.Parts Available
We have spare parts for immediate delivery to anywhere in the world.While our pumps become standard with more features than anyone else, we also offer more optional parts for our pumps than anyone else.

4.Good Warranty
We take customer satisfaction and product quality as the first priority for us. We supply reliable warranties and good after-sales services.


1.*Q:Can I get samples from you?
A:We are honored to offer you samples for quality check.

2.*Q:What parts are manufactured by you?
A:80% of frame parts are manufactured by us.Spare parts are from China top 10 famous suppliers.

3.*Q:What's the leading time?(How long do you need to prepare my goods?)
A:10 days for sample orders.30 days for mass production orders(based on different quantities)

4.*Q:How long do I need to wait before my goods arrive?
A:3-5 days for international express.5-7 days for air transportation, 35-40 days for sea transportation.

5.*Can you put my brand name(logo) on these products?  
A:Yes,or container order.Sticker order qty over 100pcs.

6.*Q:What payment methods do you accept?  
A:T/T,L/C,Western Union,Money Gram,etc.

7.*Q:What certificates do you have?
A:Since Europe and America are our main markets,all of our products are with CE/ISO certificate.For some models,the certificates are already available.For other models,we will need your assistance to apply the certificates.

8.*Q:What is your product quality?
A:Our raw materials are purchased from qualified suppliers.And we have a strong quality control team to guarantee our quality.We always care what you care!!

9.*Q:What is your warranty?
A:Our warranty is 24 months after delivery.We always pay high attention to after sale service!!

10.*Q:How are parts availability?  
A:We keep stock of spare parts and make sure all parts available whenever you need.


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