Coal industry merger and reorganization is imperative

In recent years, China's coal mining machinery industry has been developing rapidly. At the end of the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, the number of coal mining machinery manufacturers nationwide has reached 24, with production and sales of about 800 units, and the production capacity has reached around 1,500 units. At the recent "14th China International Coal Mining Technology Exchange and Equipment Exhibition", many experts believe that after China's coal machinery market experiences rapid growth, it is now saturated, and coal mining industry mergers and restructurings are imperative. Rapid development at the sixth Central China Exposition in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, Taizhong Coal Machinery Co., Ltd. launched the world's largest 2500kW coal mining machine, after the expert group identified that this indicates that China's coal mining machine has reached the world advanced level. China's coal mining industry has developed rapidly. This has provided a broad market for the development of China's coal machinery industry, and has also attracted foreign well-known coal mining companies to enter China to search for business opportunities.

It is reported that during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, China's coal industry will eliminate 97.18 million tons of backward production capacity, promote a large number of small coal mines out of the market, thus improving the comprehensive coal mining rate to more than 75%, the rapid development of the coal industry to promote the coal industry With rapid development, the coal market in China will maintain a growth rate of nearly 20% in the future. It is expected that by the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the total output value of coal mine equipment in China will exceed 150 billion yuan.

Although China's coal mining started relatively late and the development of the coal machinery industry lags behind, the rapid development of the coal mining market has prompted China's coal machinery industry to develop rapidly.

According to the "12th Five-Year Plan" of the national coal industry, by 2015, China's annual coal output will reach 3.79 billion tons, an increase of 550 million tons from 2010. If the merger and integration policy of small coal mines is implemented, the demand for increasing the mechanization rate of coal mines will be about 121.6 billion yuan, and the demand for replacement of existing coal mines will be approximately 13.87 billion yuan. From 2011 to 2015, the market demand for coal and other equipment in China will be 520.9 billion yuan, a compound annual growth rate of 22%.

As of the beginning of 2010, the total planned production capacity of mines under construction in China reached 1.5 billion tons, which is equivalent to half of the national coal production capacity in 2009. These coal mines will enter the peak period of procurement of coal machinery equipment in 2011. Therefore, the boom of coal machinery equipment industry will continue into 2012.

Overcapacity At the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, it is estimated that the output value of China’s coal machinery can reach about 150 billion yuan, but the current production capacity is close to this figure. If we add the capacity of foreign coal-fired machine companies entering the Chinese market, our country's coal-fired machine market will face serious overcapacity in the next five years.

It is reported that international coal giants represented by Germany's DBT company and US JOY company have already entered the Chinese market, and have already occupied the high-end coal machinery equipment market, and are now extending the industrial chain to the low-end coal market. At the same time, foreign advanced coal mining enterprises have acquired a large number of small and medium-sized coal mining machine companies. This year, the United States International Coal Mining Company was acquired by the company. At the same time, China's coal mining enterprises are also actively expanding their capabilities. Overweight heavy coal mining machines with more than half of the large and medium-sized shearers in the domestic market have also successfully acquired Australia's Willi Longwo International Group this year.

Judging from the competition situation of domestic coal-fired machines, China's coal-manufacturing enterprises are slow to develop due to the planned economy. Not only the technology level is low, but also the products are single. Although the technology has improved rapidly in recent years, compared with foreign coal giants, the reliability and stability of China's coal machinery equipment are still not strong, lacking the industry's top brands, and in the financial strength and technology research and development capabilities and international advanced level There is still a gap between the production of excavation equipment in surface coal mines and foreign countries. The big, but not strong, is the true portrayal of China's coal machinery industry.

At present, the overall situation of overcapacity in China's coal machinery has been formed, product competition will inevitably turn to brand competition, and promote the merger and reorganization of the domestic coal machinery industry, so that strengthening the brand is an inevitable move for China's coal mining enterprises to achieve breakthrough. To this end, the country needs to strengthen its guidance in policies and other aspects, so as to promote China's elimination of backward production capacity as soon as possible and realize the healthy development of the coal machinery industry.

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