Common fault handling methods for hardware and software of mass flowmeter

We usually encounter some faults in the process of using the mass flow meter more or less, so let's share some common troubleshooting methods today, let's take a look at it.

The failure of a general mass flow meter can be manifested in two aspects, one is a hardware failure and the other is a software failure. Then let's share with you the treatment of these two kinds of faults.

First, the hardware failure

If the error is too large, the totalizer display does not light or does not add value, the display blank position and other phenomena, the reason:

a. The installation is not standardized, which can directly lead to zero drift of the flowmeter. If the mass flowmeter is installed near the pump outlet, the sensor support strength is not enough, the connection flange is improperly welded to generate stress signals, and the cable is subject to electromagnetic interference.

b. Wiring problem

If the display does not light, check the power supply connection of the totalizer. If the fuse is burnt, confirm the input voltage and the standard voltage, and the AC and DC forms are consistent. If the totalizer does not increase with the flow rate, the totalizer wiring should be checked. If the accumulator is equipped with a forward/reverse procedure, check the flowmeter wiring. If the flowmeter is not wired correctly, the totalizer will be reversed. Does not increment when streaming.

c. Process media changes

If there is air entrainment, gasification or two-phase flow in the measuring medium, the transmitter will display an alarm. In severe cases, the sensor will stop working.

d. The transmitter fails.

e. Sensor failure.

f. Pipe cleaning problems.

Second, the software problem

Mass flowmeter troubleshooting--Be sure to pay attention to the zero calibration under the current working conditions before the flowmeter is installed. It must be ensured that the flowmeter is filled with medium and then the two-end shut-off valve can be closed to zero calibration. There are many methods, panel operations, handheld devices, and the use of prolink II software.

a. Zero calibration is incorrect.

b. The parameter settings are incorrect.

c. Pulse fluctuations of the power supply.

The di/o configuration is incorrect (must pay attention to the range).

e. Incorrect operation

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