"Diesel shortage" or re-hit 16% of private oil stations in the country

“Driving from Hunan to Guizhou, no one added diesel to the highway all the way.” Mr. Zhu, who travels on business, complained to reporters.

With the international oil price in the 100 US dollars / barrel mark consolidation, the domestic refined oil prices are expected to be strong, the tight diesel resources once again hit the various regions of the country. Stopping batches, controlling quantities, and reluctant sellers, PetroChina, Sinopec, and CNOOC have implemented the above sales measures nationwide.

16% of private oil stations have broken fuel

The national diesel tension is spreading. Treasure Island monitoring data shows that on the East China market yesterday, the trading price on the No. 0 diesel market has exceeded 8,500 yuan/ton; in the Central China market, the three major oil companies have stopped for approval and zero maintenance; the local resources in the South China market have tightened, and Guangdong Sinopec has adjusted its shipments. Strategy. Zhuo Chuang information monitoring data shows that in East China, North China, and along the Yangtze River and other regions even diesel transaction prices higher than the retail price limit of 400 yuan / ton. On the Guangdong market, Guangdong Sinopec has eliminated the use of diesel and diesel, and continues to control diesel sales, even in some areas. In the Maoming area, the amount of diesel oil shipped was controlled within 100 tons, while in the other areas, the country's No. 3 diesel oil was 8,458 yuan per ton, Guangzhou's sunrise volume shrank, and Dongguan's direct sales even stopped.

CNPC and CNOOC are still implementing diesel tying. Guangdong PetroChina has no apparent control over diesel shipments. The country's No. 0 diesel fuel can sell at 8,458 yuan/ton to the terminal, and can also be sold at 7.08 yuan/liter, and the gas station can be sold at 6.99 yuan/liter with gasoline.

Wholesale market control, retail links tightened accordingly. According to An Xun Sixiwang Energy's statistics on the operation of diesel in nearly 300 social gas stations and nearly 350 gas stations in the country, 20% of private gas stations sell at over-limit prices, 14% of private oil stations and 12 Two percent of the company's oil stations are limited to refueling, and 16% of private oil stations and 5% of the two major companies have oil cuts.

Low probability of upgrading refined oil during the year

With the high price of international oil prices, domestic refined oil products are expected to increase gradually. However, analysts believe that although the price adjustment window may be open during the year, the probability of real implementation of the upward adjustment is low. Zhu Chunkai, an analyst at Zhuo Chuang, believes that as of Dec. 7, the rate of change in the three cities reached +3.25%, approaching the red “alert line” +4%, but the market speculation is expected to be less than the previous period. The reason is that the price of electricity has been raised, and the continued upward adjustment of the price of oil is not conducive to the improvement of the price level; in addition, the lack of stability and directionality in the current crude oil market, at this time, adjustment of domestic prices is unfavorable to market stability.

Guangzhou unrefined private oil station reluctant to sell

A person in charge of a private gas station revealed to Xin Express reporter that, compared with other cities, the situation of getting diesel oil in Guangzhou was slightly better. “The basic problem of getting goods is not great, but the company is not willing to take diesel.”

It is reported that demand is also growing at the end of the year. According to the source, at the end of the year, the demand for diesel for trucks and passenger transport buses of various types of cargo increased. At the same time, the recent international crude oil prices oscillated at the price adjustment threshold, and it is not very clear that domestic oil price increases are expected to exist. "Diesel retail prices are expected to rise, but they don't rise. Wholesale prices are high, profits are getting thinner, and resources are strained."

In addition, Treasurer Island analyst He Jieying also said that Maoming Petrochemical recently a 3 million tons / year of atmospheric pressure reduction equipment overhaul, so Sinopec intends to tighten shipments, mainly to retail supply.

The price of diesel in the market may continue to be high. Zhu Chunkai, an analyst at Zhuo Chuang, believes that as the temperature in the north drops and the negative diesel goes public, the end-user needs to pay a higher price than 0# diesel. Therefore, the end-user cost will increase sharply. This kind of price increase will hardly disappear in the short term. .

Private oil station claims to sell one tonne of loss one ton

However, the reporter learned that the situation of getting diesel oil in Guangzhou is still not enough, but because the wholesale and retail price gap has made private enterprises unprofitable, private gas stations "sold a ton of loss a ton" can not purchase, the retail situation is not optimistic.

Private gas stations said that the high wholesale price and unprofitability is a major reason for the shortage of diesel retail.

The person said: "The diesel is currently taking goods are priced, not the price of tons. 6.99 yuan per liter, calculate the gross profit margin of only one ton of only about 200 yuan, selling a ton of loss of a ton, it is better not to sell."

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