Food Storage Freezer Container for Skiing Resort

Model NO.: IFCB-20T
Usage: Food, Blood, Medicine
Warranty: 1-2 Years
Certification: CSA, RoHS, UR, ISO, UL, CE, CCC
Condition: New
Storing Capacity: 20t, 30t, 40 Tons
Material: Stainless Steel
Used for: Ice/Vegatable/Fish/Fruit Storage
Trademark: ICESTA
Transport Package: Container
Specification: 20GP container
Origin: Shenzhen China
Food Storage Freezer Container for skiing resort
The mobile ice storage system is available in 7 different sizes to offer a storage capacity of 18-90 metric tons, and it (including ice rake, delivery system and air cooler) is installed in either a standard 40-ft container or a pre-fabricated steel housing.
For the 7 models of this ice storing system, their widths and heights differ from each other, but their lengths are all 40ft/12.2m. This value is about two times the length of our containerized flake ice machine whose production capacity varies from 20t/24h to 100t/24h. In this regard, our flake ice machine could be installed on the top of this ice storage system, and it is even possible to install 2 flake ice machines next to each other on the top of 75T or 90T ice storage bins.
1. It is very easy and convenient to transport our ice storage system on flat bed trailers or ships. So, the entire ice making system, including ice machine and storage system, can be shipped to any location with ease, and there is no need to make modifications to facilitate transportation.
2. The floor, ceiling and side walls are insulated with 100-mm-thick PUR foam panels which are covered by coated sheet metal on both sides, and the floor is reinforced with heavy plywood. In addition, all areas that will come into contact with ice during work are protected by galvanized sheet metal.
3. The front access door allows operators to get in and open the bin door in order to control ice discharge, while the back access door makes it possible for operators to check air cooling unit, rake drive and ice rake hoist in a convenient way. Moreover, there are lighting fixtures inside, thus offering a comfortable working environment. 
4. Our ice storage system has an opening in the ceiling for ice filling, and this opening is adapted to flake ice machine which is installed above. Moreover, there are two ice outlets on the reversible, galvanized discharge screw conveyor.
5. There is an inspection hatch on the top, and the pneumatically operated bin door is outfitted with accessible plexiglas windows, air filter and drying unit (for compressed air).
6. For better cooling result, the refrigeration unit is water cooled, and the external side of our ice storage system is painted in white so as to reflect sun radiation. On the other hand, a pneumatically controlled slide gate is fixed at one of the two ice outlets, and two slide gates are also available if requested.
7. This ice equipment has increased air guiding channels in its floor and side walls: 50% more cross section for improved air flow.
8. The integrated ice rake hoist assembly is newly developed by us, and it is intended to move the hot dip galvanized ice rake upwards/downwards for ice
loading/discharge. There is no moving part outside the container, so only a little time is needed for installation.
9. In order to optimize ice loading and discharging process, a frequency transformer is utilized to drive the hoist assembly, and the rake drive adopts slip clutch to protect the gearbox when the rake is blocked.
10. The extended reversible double discharge screw conveyor is set under the ice storage system to eliminate the risk of bin door clogging when trying to close the door, and a switch board with PLC is adopted to realize fully automatic ice discharge and simultaneous ice delivery to 2 batching plants.
11. Thanks to the novel design, it is possible to inform operators of the ice level even if they are not standing by our ice storage system.
Food Storage Freezer Container for Skiing Resort
Food Storage Freezer Container for Skiing Resort
Food Storage Freezer Container for Skiing ResortFood Storage Freezer Container for Skiing Resort
Food Storage Freezer Container for Skiing ResortFood Storage Freezer Container for Skiing Resort
Storing Capacity (T) 20 30 40 50 60 80
Power (KW) 5.80 5.80 6.5 8.5 9.0 12.4
Dimension (mm) L 7200 10000 11600 13500 14400 13500
W 3500 3500 4500 4500 4500 5500
H 4000 4000 4000 4000 5200 6000

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