High-efficiency, energy-saving trend, trending hot air circulation box into ideal drying equipment

Industry innovation and innovation Energy efficiency is the trend

In the pharmaceutical industry, hot air circulation ovens are used to heat-cure, dry, and dehydrate raw materials, Chinese herbal medicines, extracts, powders, granules, and other materials. In general, the hot air circulation oven is composed of angle steel, stainless steel plate, and cold steel plate. The insulation layer is filled with high-density aluminium silicate wool, which maintains the heat-resistance of the drying oven and also ensures the safety of the user.

The heater can be installed at the bottom, top, or both sides. The temperature can be controlled with a digital smart meter. There are two kinds of mechanical air duct designs, namely horizontal air supply and vertical air supply. In general, the hot air circulating oven has a heating pipe, and the oven with a circulating fan can be called a hot air circulating oven. Because no matter what the structure of the oven is, the wind direction is horizontal or vertical. In the final analysis, hot air is circulated inside, so it can be called a hot air circulation oven.

The hot air circulation box is a general-purpose drying equipment, which has high thermal efficiency and can save energy. And the use of forced ventilation, the box is equipped with a duct, the material can maintain uniform drying. The oven runs smoothly and can automatically control the temperature. It is more convenient to install and maintain. This machine is an ideal drying equipment. Generally, the range of oven temperature is +250°C at room temperature and high temperature is +500°C at room temperature.

With the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, intelligent automation, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the trend of the industry. In order to adapt to trends and meet market demands, the hot air circulation box industry has also undergone innovation and changes. Looking at the hot air circulation box of traditional Chinese medicine, it is not only efficient and energy-saving, but also consumes a small amount of electric energy. It can also absorb heat in the air, and the power consumption is only 1/3-1/4 of the heater. Compared with other drying equipment, it can save a lot of operating costs.

In addition, the hot air circulation box of traditional Chinese medicine does not have any combustion and emissions. It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product, and it also has a safe and closed drying system. The machine is not only mature in process technology, stable and reliable in performance, but also fully automatic and hands-free, enabling intelligent control.

Consider four factors Select the right hot air circulation box

Like other machines, hot air circulation drying ovens are also mixed in the market. Therefore, in the current energy-saving environmental protection, intelligent automation, users need to buy a comprehensive, multi-angle selection. Insiders summed up the four factors to consider when buying a hot air circulation box.

The first is material. In all drying equipment, the choice of production materials is a major factor that directly reflects the purchase price. Different materials often have very different prices. Stainless steel, iron plate, metal plate, including different kinds of stainless steel, all have different prices.

Secondly, looking at size is also a comparison of production capacity. In terms of appearance, the larger the volume, the stronger the production capacity and the higher the purchase cost. The size of production capacity consists of many factors, such as: size of electric heating power, characteristics of production materials, and maximum production space. Generally, as long as you look at the number of ovens, you can put 10 baking trays per vehicle, calculate the required production size, and choose the right oven.

Then look at the type of oven structure. The air supply method of the oven is divided into two types: horizontal air supply and vertical air supply. The appropriate structure can be selected according to the characteristics of the materials. The last is the type of oven material. The type of material determines the structure and characteristics of the oven. For example, the material is in powder form. Do not use a hot air circulating oven. Use the vacuum drying oven series.

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