How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of chassis protection

In rainy and humid climates, the chassis of your car is the most vulnerable to rain and rust. Most car owners have some understanding of the car chassis protection, but how to choose a chassis armored construction shop, how to identify the quality of the construction is the issue that the majority of car owners are very concerned about.

Chassis armor construction, the material process is the key; currently the ordinary chassis seal plastic processing generally only uses a single flexible resin material or asphalt material. 3M professional chassis armor material is composed of four products with different characteristics. It adopts a multi-layer spray coating method to achieve the protection of multiple functions; it has high adhesion, high wear resistance, and good impact resistance (high elasticity ), anti-corrosion corrosion, noise reduction integrated functions.

In terms of construction, the chassis armor is also particular. Regardless of new cars and old cars, you must first fully inspect the condition of the chassis, clean the dirt, rust, and grease; dry the chassis with compressed air; do a good job of masking the body, shielding parts: exhaust pipes, brake drums, brakes, shock absorbers, fuel tanks Piping, engine bottom, removable bolts, 4WD rear axle bolts. Then start the spraying process. When it comes to spraying, it is the most critical. The nozzle of the gun should be kept at a distance of about 25 cm from the construction surface of the chassis. It should be moved at a uniform speed to ensure evenness of the sprayed layer. According to the selected process, sprayed with highly absorbent, high-strength, high-abrasion materials one by one. The entire chassis was sprayed 4 to 12 times, with each drying interval between 15 and 30 minutes. After spraying, the next step is to remove the hiding. After chassis armored construction, driving safety and comfort can be improved and the comprehensive functions of the car can be fully reflected.

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