How to maintain the car?

How to maintain the car? Cars are now more and more popular, and more and more cars are currently running on the roads. It's really convenient to drive a car at a distance, but cars and people must work and rest. The following Xiao Bian talked about his own experience on the issue of car maintenance.

1, timely cleaning the car

When you run or stop on the road, the car is easily covered with dust particles, bird droppings, etc. Especially after the rain, the acid inside will corrode the paint on the surface of the car, causing the car to be no longer bright and serious. fade.

2, promptly check the replacement of motor oil

The normal operation of the engine and other components of the vehicle will not affect the lubrication and cleaning of the engine oil. Therefore, check the oil scale in time to see if the oil is normal. In general, the new car needs to change its oil every 5,000 kilometers. If the oil filter is dirty, it must be replaced.

3, regular check antifreeze, brake oil, glass water, etc. are sufficient

Antifreeze can ensure the normal driving of the vehicle in winter and it is not easy to freeze. Brake fluid is an essential part of the braking system. Glass water is used to clean glass. These must be ensured in order to allow the normal operation of the vehicle.

4, often check the tire pressure

Normal tire pressure is the premise to ensure that the vehicle is steadily on the road. Tyre pressure is too high to increase the risk of puncture, and it will also reduce comfort. Low tire pressure will increase fuel consumption and increase tire wear. Therefore, you should always check the tire pressure, you can prepare a tire pressure gauge is best. If the forum pattern is smooth, be sure to change the tires in time.

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