In the Year of the Horse “horse racing” FAW’s two major weapons of liberation took the lead

The 2014 Business Meeting of FAW Jiefang Company was held in Changchun, Jilin Province. The convention did not follow the convention of previous years to select large hotels in southern cities. Instead, it was held in the First Automobile Hall of FAW Group Co., Ltd., which was unveiled in the North Spring City, in the spirit of saving office. Although the entire conference process was cumbersome, it was still very grand and enthusiastic. The distributors, service providers, and special-purpose vehicle partners throughout the Liberation Company focused on the themes of “Cultivate breakthroughs, deepen product lines, strengthen service, and strive for the first”, summed up and reviewed the 2013 marketing results, and established the marketing work in 2014. The overall thinking and key strategies.

"Yong fight first," is the end of the domestic backbone enterprises have trucks Business Conference was held when the eternal theme <br> <br>. According to the 2913 marketing data released by several major heavy truck companies, FAW is ranked in the first camp of the heavy truck market. This year's marketing work has achieved a good performance - with sales of 18.8 million heavy and medium trucks and market share. 17%, share increase 1%, ranking the industry leader. When the host of the conference played this group of figures through the large screen of the rostrum, the reporter looked sideways at the expression of Wang Lizhi, the general manager of the Liberation Company. He looked as calm and calm as usual, and his face had a hint of unseen delight.

The reporter noted that in December 2012, FAW Liberation announced at the 2013 annual business conference that its 2013 sales target was 169,000 vehicles. One year later, in the blink of an eye, year-end inventory, sales of 188,000 units, significantly exceeded the scheduled target. This achievement has not come out easily, it embodies the hard work of the company’s employees and partners, and it can also be seen as an effort to achieve the “upgrading ability, adjusting the structure, strengthening the service, and bravely fighting for the first” that was proposed last year. The outcome of the goal.

Careful readers can find that compared to the theme of the liberation company last year and this year's business conference, although the focus of the work is different, they all have the word “courage for the first”. This shows that bravely fighting for the first is the righteousness of the company's previous business conference, and it is also an eternal theme throughout the struggle of liberation for more than half a century by FAW. As the eldest son of China's auto industry, the pragmatic liberation people not only mentioned that they also pursued actual actions.

During the interview with the Liberation Business Conference, reporters at the conference heard a word that was frequently used, that is, "sub-series."

When Jing Qingchun, general manager of FAW Jiefang Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. did a work report at the meeting, he focused on the marketing of the sub-series. He said: “FAW Liberation began exploring the mode of sub-series marketing in 2009 and through years of practice, it gradually cleared up the basic ideas. In 2013, the department commissioner was set up at the district's commercial agency, and at the same time the first-tier and second-tier cities launched the same city. A number of sub-systems have been authorized for trials.” This shows that the sales of 188,000 units this year was achieved without large-scale promotion of universal sub-marketing.

According to report, in the domestic market, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles and China National Heavy Duty Trucks, which are in the first camp of the medium and heavy trucks, and Futian Auman, who is catching up quickly in the second camp, implemented sub-sales marketing in online channels for at least two years. Time, from the drama of this marketing innovation has tasted the sweetness, the network structure is more reasonable, and the sales volume has steadily increased. If FAW Liberation, which has always been steady, has exerted efforts in the marketing of the sub-series, then the status of this enterprise's industry leader will be further consolidated.

Jing Jingqing stated that in 2014, the Liberation Company will actively promote the marketing of sub-sectors in terms of organizational guarantees, business policies, authorizations from multiple dealers in the same city, and underwriting agreements, and strive to see results in the sub-markets.

The Fourth National Product Advantage Will Become More Significant

When talking about the 2014 sales target, Jing Qingchun said that taking into account the gradual contraction of truck market demand after the upgrade of emission standards is a worldwide law, therefore, the sales target for the next year has been adjusted accordingly, ie 177,000 units. Although sales volume is lowered, market share cannot be reduced, but it should be increased by 1 percentage point.

Faced with the question of what to use to meet challenges from the market and competitors, Wu Bilei, deputy chief engineer of FAW Technology Center, responded from the perspective of product technology. After detailing the products marketed by FAW in the next year, he emphasized the advantages of liberating J6 heavy trucks with autonomous engines. He said that the national engine for the liberation of heavy trucks uses the FEUP+SCR technology line. The single pump engine has a simple structure, a single cylinder and a single pump, and can be replaced with a separate oil nozzle or oil pump, which is easy to maintain and save money. Moreover, the nozzle does not pick oil, you can eat "coarse grains", do not plug the nozzle. In particular, the FEUP+SCR technology route has lower production costs than the common rail+SCR technology adopted by most companies on the market. The vehicle sales price is cheaper than 5,000 yuan, which can bring users intuitive economic benefits. He believes that these product advantages will be fully reflected in the heavy truck market next year.

Xu Xianping, general manager of FAW Group, who attended the business conference, agreed with Wu Bilei. He said that it is necessary to do a good job in propaganda and promotion of the unique advantages of emancipating products, so that these advantages are deeply rooted among the target customers, and through unremitting efforts to cultivate the market, emancipate the products to take root in the customer base.

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