Mine machinery construction waste equipment presents a beautiful scene

With the development of mining machinery crushers and construction waste enterprises, construction waste equipment is widely used in mining, building materials, metallurgy, transportation, hydropower, coal, chemical, environmental protection and other industries. With the accelerating process of urbanization, the amount of construction waste generated and discharged in cities is also growing rapidly. While enjoying the urban civilization, people are also suffering from urban garbage. Among them, construction waste occupies a large proportion and accounts for 30% to 40% of the total amount of garbage. Therefore, how to deal with and utilize more and more Construction waste has become an important issue faced by government departments at all levels and construction waste disposal units.

Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to the construction of waste equipment industry for more than 10 years. The company was established in 1998 to engage in the crusher, sand making machine, sand and gravel production line industry for many years, the mining machinery industry has been among the best in the development, the company's advanced technology as the core, Based on humanistic management, we create a first-class enterprise team. The company's main products include crushers, sand makers, gravel production lines, construction waste equipment, mobile crushing station equipment, hydraulic cone crushers, etc. In the development of construction waste industry, mobile construction waste equipment, brick construction waste equipment , Fixed construction waste and other classified as the main product of the enterprise, in the development of mining machinery on construction waste equipment has sufficient strength.

The mobile crushing station of mobile garbage disposal equipment has been used since the beginning of last century. The mobile gravel processing system is mainly composed of mobile crushing stations and mobile screening stations. Each equipment consists of basic equipment. The modules are composed of various optional components for each module, so the mobile sand-gravel processing system can be adjusted at any time according to the special requirements. The mobile screening station mainly refers to the vibrating screen of the vehicle-mounted feeder, supporting installation of the motor and the control box, and the configuration of the corresponding traction steering shaft to facilitate road transport. At the same time, the screen can be adjusted according to production needs to meet Gravel aggregate grade requirements. The use of mobile artificial sand processing system will greatly reduce the excavation, civil construction, installation and dismantlement of traditional artificial gravel processing systems, increase production efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Yifan's mobile waste crushing plant for construction waste treatment equipment is used in the system of artificial sand aggregate processing. It has excellent performance, high reliability, short length, small footprint, light weight, strong mobility, and reduced material transportation costs. , adaptability, flexible combination, easy to transport, short assembly time, safe and simple operation and maintenance, simple, in line with strict environmental protection standards and other characteristics and advantages. Its good performance and mobility seem to be tailor-made for highway engineering. The parameters such as the fineness modulus, the content of stone powder, the gradation of the gravel, the content of the flaky flakes, and the Ultra-Sensitive Path of the machine-made sand produced by the mobile crushing plant can satisfy the Shizhong Expressway bridges, tunnels, and roads. The project's requirements for the use of materials to produce a finished product in accordance with the specifications of sand aggregate, it can be seen that the application of artificial sand aggregate in highway engineering is entirely feasible and promising.

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