North shares electric wheel car NTE120 delivered to Angang Group

On September 26, the NTE120 electric wheel car independently developed by North China Co., Ltd. was delivered to Angang Group Qianchang Mining Co., Ltd. and began industrial trials.

The product's electric drive system was jointly developed by the North Shares and well-known domestic companies. It is the first application of the domestic electric drive system on the NTE series electric wheel car, marking that the Northern Stock has stepped out of the domestic replacement on the most core system assembly. The first step began to gradually break the situation of relying entirely on imported parts.

North shares electric wheel car NTE120 delivered to Angang Group

The NTE120 electric wheel mine car is the 8th NTE series self-owned brand product successfully developed by Northern Stock. The vehicle's rated load is 120 short tons (about 110 metric tons). At this point, the North Shares formed a product system of electric wheels and carts ranging from 120 short tons to 360 short tons, which is more complete and basically covers all major tonnages in the market.

In addition to inheriting the advantages of the NTE series products, the NTE120 electric wheel minecart also has many innovative technologies in the electronic drive differential system, anti-drag energy saving, suspension and frame optimization, and light and efficient car design. The vehicle can maintain its rated output power in a temperature range of -45°C to +50°C, which can not only meet the hot and humid, high-temperature climate characteristics, but also meet the low-temperature cold, dry, dusty, high-altitude working environment. Energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe, efficient, comfortable, and easy to maintain.

It is reported that as a leading player in China's mine car industry and a major manufacturer of international mining vehicles, Northern Stock will continue to focus on the main business of mine cars and strengthen technological innovation in accordance with the requirements of “Made in China 2025” to provide users with the most cost-effective advantages, energy conservation and environmental protection. Low-cost, high-efficiency and high-end products lead the Chinese mining car manufacturing industry to a higher level and show greater achievements. (This article comes from Northern shares)

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