Passed CCS Certificate Boat Yokohama Fender

Model NO.: 20140616003
Quality Guarantee Period: 3 Years
Price: Competitive Price, I Am Sure
Type: Commercial Vessels
Marine Parts: Fender, bumper
Engine: 4 Stroke
Engine Type: Inboard
Trademark: xincheng
Specification: SGS, CCS
Origin: China ( Mainland )
HS Code: 401694
Xin cheng pneumatic rubber fender are the market leaders and innovators in floating fenders and have been manufacturing fenders for 25 years, about 50000 of these fender have been delivered to date, with new application continuously expanding their use in ship to ship service and at largescal port facilities. During lase 25 years, xincheng as also authorised pneumatic rubber fenders for India, Italy, Nigeria and other countrys has maintained and refurbished fenders for clients worldwide. A large stock of the full range of sizes is held at our base which cover 12 countries. Dock fender
Passed CCS Certificate Boat Yokohama Fender
Passed CCS Certificate Boat Yokohama Fender
Passed CCS Certificate Boat Yokohama Fender
1) Safe for excess load marine depend on the ball

The reaction force of a floating pneumatic fender does not increase sharply even under excess load. Therefore, these fenders perform extremely well under such condation and as a result, protect ships and mooring facilities.

2) No deterration or variation in performance

Because pneumatic fenders utilise the compressive elasticity of air, performance deteriation due to fatigue is completely absent. The performance of these fenders remain unchanged at extremely low temperatures, even below - 50'C.

3) Safety realiability

Xincheng pneumatic rubber fender are constructed using several layers of strong tyre cord are therefore extremely resistant to pressure and cutting, and are therefore extremely resistant to pressure and cutting. The larger size ( 2.5m dia upward ) are fitted with safety valve to prevent accident in the event of over copressiom.

4) Construction

The fender body is constructed of an inner rubber layer, reinforcing cord layers and an outer rubber layer. All three layers are bonded together by a combination of heat and pressure over a period of time in a vulcanising oven. Once completed, the fenders are pressure tested before relase.

To provide maximum strength and safety, the out skin of submarine fender is thicker than a normal surface fender.

The outer skin rubber compound is desinged and manufactured to be able to withstand both strenuous use and adverse weather. Condations whilst protecting the cord layers and inner rubber the cord layers are corranged at optimum angles designed to be completely airtight.

5) Simple and low cost installation

The weight of the fenders is supported by the water on which it floats, therefore, the fender can be morred simply by means of a guy rope or chain at minimal cost it can be removed easily to another quay or jetty when not use or transfeered to alternative mooring points as required

6) Chain and tyre net

Almost floating fenders are protected by a chain and tyre net. The purpose of the chain and tyre net is to protec the fender body from damage by sharp objets or protrusions such as rough faced quay walls, to distribute sheer forces along the length of the chain net and to prevent the fender body from having to absorb them.

Marine depend on the ball safe for excess load boat fender using ship to ship working press 0.05Mpa - 0.08 Mpa marine fender.

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