Qingdao Software Control acquires WYKO, a tire building drum supplier in the United States

Recently, Qingdao Soft Control shares announced that the company will invest US$6.3 million to formally acquire 100% equity in WYKO Tire Technology, a drum manufacturing R&D and manufacturing supplier. It will enhance the R&D and design capabilities of soft-control enhanced molding machines and other products, and rapidly upgrade the quality and technical level of molding equipment.

Founded in 1962, WYKO is an internationally renowned brand in the tire industry. We have a number of precision tooling equipment manufacturing technologies, including molding drums and transfer rings, as well as a number of cutting-edge technologies. Our customer base covers international high-end tire manufacturers in North America, Asia and Europe.

Founded in 2000, Soft Control Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development of industrial information technology and digital equipment manufacturing. It provides integrated solutions for the integration of software and hardware, control and management of rubber tires. At present, it has developed into a group-listed company with 8 subsidiaries and a total assets of nearly 3 billion yuan. It is a national key high-tech enterprise, a key software company within the national planning and layout, and a pilot for national innovative companies. It has national-level enterprise technology centers and post-doctoral research stations, and establishes a soft-controlled European R&D center. This is also the establishment of the Chinese rubber tire equipment industry in Europe. The first R&D center is mainly engaged in researching tire equipment, process technology, and providing technical services to European users.

The forming drum is a key component of the tire building machine equipment. After the completion of the acquisition, the company will maintain the WYKO brand and its past business, which will not only help the company enhance the R&D and design capabilities of molding machines and other products, enhance the international competitiveness of the products, but also help the company further develop the international market and high-end customer markets. Improve comprehensive profitability.

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