Ring hammer crusher and its examples

1. Changfa Mining Machine The factory first developed the PCH type ring hammer crusher in China in 1982 with reference to foreign materials, and gradually formed a series, which was exclusively produced by the factory. Later, the PCHZ heavy-duty ring hammer crusher was further developed and formed into a series of products. These two series of products have excellent quality, energy saving, high production efficiency, can ensure the size of discharge, low noise, less dust, etc., and are listed as substitutes for imported products by the state.
The ring hammer crusher is composed of a main part such as a rotor, a body, and an adjustment mechanism. The motor directly drives the rotor through a flexible coupling.
The rotor part is composed of main parts such as a main shaft, an end plate, a partition plate, a hammer pin, and a ring hammer. The ring hammer is hung on the hammer pin, the hammer pin is mounted on the end plate and the partition plate, and the end plate and the partition plate are fixed on the main shaft by flat keys and nuts.
The body part is composed of main parts such as upper and lower casing, crushing plate, sieve plate, pallet, counterattack plate and lining plate. The crushing plate and the sieve plate are mounted on the pallet. One end of the pallet is suspended by a shaft on a shaft seat on both sides of the upper casing, and the other end is connected to the adjusting mechanism through a connecting plate. The lining plates are mounted on the inner walls on both sides of the casing to protect the casing from wear. The crushing plate, the sieve plate, the counter plate and the rotor form a crushing cavity.
The adjustment mechanism is mainly composed of main parts such as a worm, a worm wheel, a pointer, a clearance sign, etc., and is used to adjust and display the gap between the rotor and the sieve plate.
The working principle of the ring hammer crusher is basically the same as that of the ordinary hammer crusher.
PCH ring hammer crusher for crushing a variety of brittle materials, such as coal, coal, coke, slag, limestone, phosphate rock, pyrite, brown iron ore, the material does not exceed the compressive strength of 150MPa, the surface water is not More than 15%.
The PCHZ heavy duty ring hammer crusher is suitable for crushing various ores such as pyrite, phosphate rock, limonite, magnetite, limestone and pebbles.
The PCH type and PCHZ type ring hammer crusher produced by the factory and their technical performance are listed in Tables 1 and 2, respectively. The shape and installation dimensions are shown in Figure 1~4 and Tables 3 and 4. respectively. Currently, a new type has been added. PCH (Z) 1221 large size ring hammer crusher.



Table 4
Both types of ring hammer crushers have both left and right configurations. The shape and installation dimensions are the same. When ordering and selecting, indicate whether it is left or right.
2. Shendian The factory is the main manufacturer of ring hammer crushers in China. There are two series of HS and KRC. In the HS type, there are also light (HSQ type) and heavy (HSZ type) points. The HSQ type is used to crush coal, gypsum, etc. with smaller feedstock size and less impurities, and the cover can be hydraulically opened and closed. The HSZ type is used for crushing raw materials with large particle size and containing a lot of impurities, medium hardness ore, and the like. The HS type specification is expressed in terms of rated production capacity. The rated production capacity refers to coal with a feed size of 90%+30mm, a surface moisture of less than 10%, a loose density of 0.8~1.Ot/m 3 , and a compressive strength of less than 12 MPa, when the qualified particle size is not less than 95%. The amount of processing per hour (t/h) under working conditions. The structure of the HS type ring hammer crusher is shown in Fig. 5, and the main technical properties are shown in Table 5. [next]
KRC type ring hammer crusher is a product introduced and jointly developed by the factory from Japan. During operation, the bearing temperature, vibration and current can be set and displayed numerically. If it exceeds the setting range, it can automatically alarm and Automatic shutdown; its housing is opened and closed by hydraulic method; it can eliminate iron, wood and other debris; and has the advantages of large production capacity, low power consumption, low noise, less dust, convenient use and maintenance, safe and reliable operation. The structure of the KRC type ring hammer crusher is shown in Fig. 6, and the main technical properties are shown in Table 6. The machine can be used for the crushing of various coal, limestone and medium hard ore.
3. The ring hammer crusher produced by the company is an impact type rotor crusher with a ring hammer. After the material enters the crushing chamber, it is firstly crushed by a high-speed rotating ring hammer. The crushed material simultaneously acquires kinetic energy from the ring hammer, rushes toward the crushing plate at a high speed, is crushed a second time, and then falls onto the sieve plate. The material is further broken by the shearing, extrusion, grinding and material interaction of the ring hammer and is removed through the mesh. Not broken debris into the metal collector, regularly cleared. The crusher is suitable for crushing various brittle materials such as coal, coal gangue, coke, slag, shale , loose limestone and the like. The compressive strength of the material does not exceed lOMPa, and the surface moisture is not more than 8%.
The structure of the crusher is shown in Figure 7, and the technical parameters are listed in Table 7.

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