Rotary Vane Pump/Pump/Diesel Pump/Vane Pump/Industrial Pump/Pd Meter/LC Meter/LC Flow Meter/Positive Displacement Flow Meter/Flow Meter

  • Accuracy: +-0.2%
  • Measuring Media: Liquid
  • Sensor: No Pulsar

Self priming rotary vane pump with internal by-pass valve. The pumps use a rotor with sliding vanes to draw the liquid. The material of construction is nodular iron with sliding vanes built in a special self lubricating material.Due to its efficiency the pumps can handle viscous and aiso volatile liquids and require less horsepower than other equivalent pumps.The pumps are capable of higher flow-rates at lower number of revolutions than other designs. 


CNC Angle Puching Mraking Shearing Line 

1.Adopt CNC technology, servo motor infeeding, with high efficiency, stable workpiece precision.

2.Key hydraulic, pneumatic and electric parts are all world famous brand. 

3.Easy programming and can directly use the program data made by lofting software.

4.Computer with Chinese/English interface, easy operation, and can display the drawing of 


5.All marking, punching and shearing in automatic completeness, all finished angles can be 

    unloaded by pneumatic turnover device so as to lighten the working strength.

6.Only need to input size of workpiece, diameter of holes, stadia and quantity of workpiece 

    when edit program.

7.The angle line installs supporting & pressing device to meet the requirements of processing 

    angles with bigger bending.

8.Marking unit adopts closed frame with good rigidity. Marking stadia can be set at will.

9.With avoided shearing functions, so as to process fixed-length angles.

10.With self-diagnosis failures function.  

CNC Angle Punching Marking Shearing Line

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