Sea salt processing technology

Sea salt is produced in the open air. Depending on the radiant heat of the sun, the seawater is gradually concentrated and precipitated in a large area of ​​salt fields by natural evaporation. According to the product calculation, the evaporation water volume is more than 100 m 3 for each 1 t salt production, accounting for more than 90% of the seawater volume; the evaporation area in sea salt production generally accounts for 92% to 95% of the total salt field. The meteorological factors affecting sea salt production include evaporation, rainfall, temperature, humidity, and wind speed and direction.
There are many sea salt fields in China, and the sea salt production process can be divided into three types according to the production period:
(1) Most of the sea salt fields in the north of the Huaihe River in the two seasons of the year are of this type. The local winter temperature is low, which is the light season; the temperature rises in spring, summer and autumn. It should be a continuous high production period, but due to the heavy rainfall in July and August, the production period is divided into two sections: the first half "Spring sun" and "autumn sun" in the second half.
(2) Most of the sea salt fields on the southeast coast during the half-year period of production are of this type. After the local spring warmed up, it immediately entered the “Yellow Plum Rainy Season”. From January to June, the rainfall was frequent, the evaporation was low, and even a large negative value appeared. The prosperous period is basically in the second half of the year.
(3) The inter-annual high-yield sea salt field in the South China Sea and Beibu Gulf areas belongs to this type. The local winter temperature is high, the rainfall is small, and the rainfall from June to October is relatively large, so the production peak season becomes the inter-annual winter and spring season.
Seawater salt production process:
Seawater→Nachao→Saltline Evaporation and Halogenation→Salt Field Evaporation and Crystallization→Sedimentation Salt→Original Salt Conveying→Prepared Salt (Comprehensive Utilization of Residual Mother Liquid to Chemical Plant)→Finished Outbound Transportation

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