Shandong four-way crane into high-end machinery and equipment to promote development and innovation

Shandong Stone Crane is located in Jining, in the southwest of Shandong Province. Jining has always been known as “the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, the state of etiquette”, with a rich collection of historical and cultural sites and rich cultural resources. Jining, with its convenient transportation, highlights the high-tech research and development, especially Shandong Stone Machinery Co., Ltd. Tong Crane Co., Ltd. is the largest small crane research and development company in Shandong Province, with high-tech enterprise certificates, test certificates, special equipment manufacturing licenses, and quality management system certifications.

The four-way crane has invested heavily in high-end machinery and equipment for its own development and research and development. The CNC operation has greatly improved the production, development of new products and manufacturing precision of key parts of the crane.

In just a few short years, with its own diligence and hard work, the plant has been expanded twice and has been awarded two consecutive times as a district-level civilized unit and a high-tech enterprise certificate issued by the Science and Technology Bureau. It has become a key private enterprise in Changgou Town, Jining City.

The four-way crane people are not proud of this. Corporate leaders attach great importance to the rapid development of the company's talents. Specially hired professional technical instructors regularly provide more skilled skills for employee training.

Here, Stone Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., with its advanced production equipment and the exquisite manufacturing process of its employees, is confident that it will be able to provide better and updated crane products for the majority of small crane users.


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