Some bad habits to be alert to driving mixers

Many people will inevitably use the usual bad habits in driving while driving a mixer. These habits may seem ordinary, but they are precipitating factors that cause serious consequences. These habits should be watched as drivers.
1. When parking, do not pull the handbrake, not all drivers value the handbrake, and some drivers only pull the handbrake when the parking is obviously downhill and downhill. Often, some obvious road sections are not needed. Be sure to pull on the brakes before loosening. Handbrake to avoid accidents.
2. A bad habit common to many drivers is the one-handed operation of the steering wheel. When there are some emergencies during driving, the control ability of one hand is far less than the two hands. Sometimes relying on one hand cannot solve some emergency situations at all. The correct way is to ensure that the hands control the steering wheel at all times.
3, listening to music in the drive way too loud. Listening to music while driving can relieve fatigue, but if the voice is too bold, it will have the opposite effect.

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