Sprinklers taboo on the highway

When the sprinkler is driving on the highway, the following actions are forbidden.

1) Reverse, reverse, cross over the central divider, or turn in the lane.

2) Overtaking on acceleration or deceleration lanes.

3) Riding or rolling the lanes or driving on the shoulders.

4) When not in emergency, drive or stop in the emergency lane.

5) Test or learn to drive a motor vehicle

When driving a green sprinkler on a freeway or overtaking a lane, turn on the turn signal early. It is also necessary to change the use of far and low beams at night. After confirming that there is sufficient distance between the vehicle in front and the vehicle arriving in the rear, enter the lane to enter. After overtaking, only the adjacent lane can be used, and two lanes are forbidden to cross. After entering the overtaking lane, the overtaking vehicle should immediately turn on the turn signal and return to the original lane.

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