Tangshan City introduced nano-generator project

Recently, Tangshan City, Hebei Province and the United States Nano New Energy Corporation held a signing ceremony of the "nanometer generator project" cooperation agreement, which indicates that the two sides have made substantial progress in cooperation.

In 2006, the Chinese-American material scientist and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Professor Wang Zhonglin's research team used vertical structure zinc oxide nanowires to invent the world's smallest vertical power generator nano-generator that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. This was awarded as one of the "Top Ten Scientific Discoveries of the World in 2006" by Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Based on the first generation of vertical nanogenerators, they invented DC nanogenerators and fiber nanogenerators in 2007 and 2008 respectively. These achievements have made it possible for biomass power generation. At present, the nano-generator technology has achieved industrialization conditions.

Since July of this year, Tangshan Municipal Government has conducted several contacts and consultations with Dr. Zhonglin Wang and Dr. Xu Chuanyi, the authorizer of the nanogenerator project. It is reported that the Science and Technology Bureau of Tangshan has commissioned experts and scholars from the State Intellectual Property Office, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Hebei United University to conduct evaluation and demonstration of the nanogenerator project and actively and steadily promote the project's introduction. Recently, Wang Zhonglin made a field trip to locate the nano-generator project in Tangshan, and the two parties finally reached a cooperation agreement.

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