Thailand accelerates development of LNG industry

According to a forecast released by the Thai Ministry of Energy at the 2008 Natural Gas Technology Conference, the global LNG (liquefied natural gas) industry will enter a new phase in the next four years, and global supply will increase by nearly 50%.
It is expected that in the next 10 years, the United States will surpass Japan as the world's largest importer of LNG. By 2020, the United States will import up to 137 million tons of LNG, accounting for 28% of global LNG demand.
Thailand also plans to build LNG import projects and it is expected to receive the first ship LNG in 2012. Natural gas consumption in Thailand has increased from about 130 million cubic feet/day in 1980 to about 3.3 billion cubic feet/day in early 2008.
Thailand's existing offshore and onshore pipelines can handle more than 4.2 billion cubic feet of natural gas. By the middle of 2009, Thailand's third pipeline transmission system will be completed in the second phase, and the processing capacity can be expanded to approximately 5.4 billion cubic feet per day. .
The ongoing plan is to build the fourth onshore pipeline transmission system and expand the western pipeline network, which will increase Thailand’s total future natural gas transmission capacity to 7 billion cubic feet/day, supporting the growing demand in 10 years.

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