The award-winning Linglong tires were once again among the top 500 Asian brands!

The 2019 Asian Brands Top 500 list compiled by the World Brand Lab was unveiled at the Asian Brand Conference. The "Asian Top 500 Brands" were selected in 22 countries and regions, and Linglong tires were once again included in the "Asian Top 500 Brands".
Linglong tires once again entered the "Asian Top 500 Brands" Linglong tires once again entered the "Asian Top 500 Brands"

It is reported that the evaluation standard of "Asian Top 500 Brands" is the Asian influence of the brand. Brand influence refers to the ability of the brand to open up the market, occupy the market, and obtain profits. The basic indicators of the world brand laboratory's evaluation of Asian brand influence include market share, brand loyalty and Asian leadership. With its intensive cultivation in the global market, Linglong Tire has been ranked among the top 500 Asian brands for many years.

Linglong tire internationalization strategic layout Linglong tire internationalization strategic layout

While fully implementing the “5+3” development strategy and the “six internationalization” strategy, the company will protect the brand as an important intangible asset of the company, and make strategic deployments to create brands, develop brands and protect brands, and create advantages. Brands, strive to cultivate high-end brands, actively promote Chinese brands to the world, and register trademarks worldwide, providing legal protection for brand globalization.

Linglong Tire Global Support System Up to now, the company has won honors such as China Industrial Award, Shandong Province Governor Quality Award, China 500 Most Valuable Brand, Shandong Province Manufacturing High-end Brand Cultivation Enterprise, and more and more auto manufacturers. With the favor of consumers, brand awareness and reputation have increased year by year.

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