The Ladder of Growth: The Beautiful Airhostess Makes a Record

The growth ladder: beautiful stewardess raises Cheng Kee diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-12-22

Urumqi, December 22 (Xinhua) - 85 young boys and girls who emerged from this week's Xinjiang Airlines crew recruitment campaign took part in the training on the 22nd. They are here to receive more than 40 days of training. After passing the examination, they can board the plane and achieve Your own "Flying Dream". From the ground to the blue sky, from campus to society, what changes do they need to undergo? What new features do they have compared with their former flight attendants? The reporter interviewed some of the trainees and instructors to reveal the secret of "how stewardesses are made".
In the past, Peacock’s southeastern flight now attracts migrants to the frontier
In recent years, the reporter interviewed a number of Southern Airlines crew recruitment activities. It can be seen that with the steady development of Xinjiang’s economy, the previous situation of Xinjiang’s talented “peacock flying southeast” has been greatly improved, and more people are willing to return. Work in Xinjiang and serve the social construction in Xinjiang.
Zhang Wei, who is 24 years old, is a graduate student who is graduating from the Department of Economics at the University of Leicester, England. She has always had a "flight sister's dream". She was admitted by both China Southern Airlines and Leicester University two years ago. She finally chose to pursue further studies. When the schoolwork was completed, Zhang Hao was persistently applying for China Southern Airlines and finally got his wish. Talking about why I chose to return to my hometown to work in this profession, Zhang said: “I think that any company’s core competitiveness is a service and it is inseparable from services. So through my job, I can serve others and let others Feeling comfortable is what makes me feel like I can achieve my own value.” She said that the development of her hometown is getting faster and the gap with the eastern cities is getting smaller and smaller. She is happy to serve her hometown.
It is understood that this recruitment has attracted applicants from many foreign countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, and Beijing. Among the 85 applicants that were eventually generated, the applicants who returned from the field and those who learned from other fields accounted for the total number of applicants. More than 20%, among which there are many high-level trips such as graduate students, foreign students, and small languages.
The intensity of the training course needs evening evening classes
"Stand up and step, abdomen chest, put your left hand back on the right hand, pay attention to reveal the left hand joint, hands on the navel at two inches, smile and reveal eight teeth, to laugh from the heart ... ..." in the etiquette class, Mr. Ding Xiaoling, the full-time instructor and chief flight attendant of the Training Department of China Southern Airlines Xinjiang Branch, is referring to the teaching staff's actions. The “quasi air hostesses” followed the teacher to practice various forms such as standing, chanting, swearing, and guiding. Sometimes an action may even be practiced for dozens of times. “We have very strict standards for the crew's dress, makeup, speed, and behavior. Through rigorous training, we aim to provide passengers with standard and consistent high standards of service.”
Training courses include corporate culture, four stages of air services, religious knowledge, special passenger services, English, basic knowledge of civil aviation, wine knowledge and other theoretical courses; swimming, fire fighting, land evacuation, water evacuation, pressure relief and other practical exercises course. The students have eight hours of classes a day, and there are two nights of evening classes for review and preparatory classes. "I thought that I wouldn't have to go to class after graduating. I didn't expect to study in the evening, but we also hope that we can grasp this knowledge as soon as possible and look forward to flying to the sky as soon as possible." Zhou Xujun, a graduate of Hunan University of Technology, said with a smile. The staff member said that all students must pass the examination before they can obtain a job permit. If a student fails to pass the exam, a failed exam will cancel the training qualification. The requirement is very strict.
Behind the bright and beautiful
“I used to think that the stewardess was a bright and beautiful job, but after a few days of training, I learned that the flight attendant’s responsibilities and duties were more than I thought. I feel that this job is more meaningful and I am looking forward to working early.” 21-year-old Kazakh student Ferrula. Erati mentions the feeling of induction training.
“As an airline flight attendant who needs to directly address the public and meet passengers' various needs, it has high requirements for the practitioners' communication skills, resilience, and teamwork ability.” According to Ding Xiaoling, the trainees are in the process of training. Meticulously to teach even tone of speech. For example, do not use negative sentences and try to use questions. When the passenger is asked to wear a seat belt, he does not say "Please fasten the seat belt." Instead, he says, "Please fasten your seat belt. Can you?" Give the passengers the right to choose, so that passengers can feel as comfortable as possible. . In addition to the service, the flight attendants also undertake safety work such as opening escape doors and assisting passengers to evacuate during emergencies. These skills require rigorous training and study until they are mastered.
After a few days of training, the trainees have initially had a flight attendant's attitude and have a deeper understanding of the flight attendants' career. Now, they are only one step away from realizing their dreams. After completing the local courses in Xinjiang, they will also go to Guangzhou Nanhang headquarters for a week of study. After passing all assessments, they will be able to obtain a job permit and become a beautiful and elegant flight attendant.
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