The promotion of large-scale commercial vehicles for electric vehicles is also the focus of China's development

Electric vehicles to achieve large-scale promotion

In the second half of last year, when Nissan introduced its electric vehicle technology in China, the launch time of its electric vehicles in the Chinese market was still unknown. However, before the auto show, Nissan signed a memorandum with the relevant domestic authorities, and its electric vehicle was also confirmed as 2011 in China. This time, with the debut of NUVU, the Nissan electric concept car that first landed in China, it also officially opened the curtain for Nissan to enter the new energy market in China.

In this regard, Andy Palmer said: "We plan to widely promote the listing of electric vehicles, not only sell thousands of vehicles, but the large-scale promotion of electric vehicles." He believes that to achieve such a goal, in addition to possess scientific and technological strength In addition, it also depends on the local infrastructure and education.

He said: "The Chinese government's attitude is very clear. It is to promote electric vehicles and new energy vehicles. It has already begun to promote in 13 pilot cities. To this end, we have signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation with the Chinese government, on the one hand, from the aspect of product technology. Nissan continues to promote the electric vehicle business. As the Chinese government is concerned, it also has efforts to promote the electric vehicle business. Therefore, these two forces can drive the electric vehicle business. This has become the top priority of Nissan’s promotion in China. ."

Light commercial vehicle "walking on two legs"

In addition to electric vehicles, commercial vehicles are the focus of Nissan’s development in China in the future. As a Nissan senior commercial vehicle person, Andy Palmer said: “China’s changes in commercial vehicles are very large. China’s infrastructure is very good. More roads and traffic roads are suitable for commercial vehicle transportation. China is here. The outlook is very good."

He said that in the future, Nissan commercial vehicles will take two kinds of plans in the Chinese market at the same time. He said: "The first one is the Dongfeng brand commercial vehicle. We are more positioned in the market with higher cost performance, we must sell more commercial vehicles to consumers; the second is the Nissan brand high-end commercial vehicle, we put Nissan The branded high-end commercial vehicles are introduced to China. They are not only commercial vehicles but hybrid utility vehicles. They can be used on the one hand for home use and on the other hand they can also be used commercially.

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