Uranium can cause radioactive pollution

Mr. Huang Zhicheng, a professor of geology at Nanjing University and a famous geologist, said that he had led some students and experts to do research and experiments in the Doumu Mountain Dolomite Mine for more than ten years. He is very familiar with this black stone. This black stone is a shale containing a certain amount of radioactive elemental uranium . If dispersed in a large number of stone under normal conditions, a large uranium did not lead to harm to the environment and the human body, but if mixed after coal combustion, relatively enriched uranium, into surrounding dust to spread, or When it is dispersed into the air, it will cause radioactive pollution to the environment, and the harm cannot be ignored.
Beware of adulterated coal burning boiler
Professor Huang Zhicheng also said that this black waste rock has a high sulfur content. When investigating the dolomite mine, he often saw the sulfur contained in the black waste rock self-igniting, and the smell of sulfur dioxide produced was very horrible. When sulfur dioxide is released into the air, acid rain is formed, which is highly corrosive and causes great damage to the environment. If the boiler is burned with adulterated coal, the boiler will be seriously corroded, posing a safety hazard.
Professor Huang said that such black stones were also produced in western Zhejiang and other areas. The locals used this black stone to be fueled in coal, causing a large number of plants on the mountain to die. The acid rain produced even eroded the limestone of the mountain. The health of the local people has also suffered serious damage.
Black waste rock should be strictly prohibited from outflow
Professor Huang believes that this black waste rock has no use value, and the government should immediately take measures to strictly control and prohibit outflow.
The person in charge of the Nanjing Quality Supervision and Inspection Team said that this will be strictly investigated. However, after several law enforcement officers visited the site, they said that it was very difficult: according to law enforcement authority, they could not seal so many black stones. And, in order to pursue criminal adulteration of coal producers must master the adulteration of gold amounted to evidence of the fact that more than 20 million. According to the reporter's many days of understanding, quite a number of coal merchants have adopted the "ant move" approach. It is easy to grasp the evidence of adulteration of 200,000 yuan at a time.

An industry insider who did a coal business disclosed that almost all coal yards in Nanjing, as long as they are pulverized, are mostly black gravel. In addition to the Shogun Mountain, the black gravel used for adulteration is also from Jurong and Tangshan.

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