US Inspects Intellectual Property Infringement on Plastic Containers in China

On February 13, Schutz Container Systems Inc. and Protechna filed an application to the US International Trade Commission for IP infringement investigation of plastic container barrels, accusing 2 companies. The relevant imported products produced by the company in the United States and sold to the United States infringe its patents and require the implementation of limited exclusion orders and injunction orders for infringing products. One company in China is involved in the case.
According to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Commerce, enterprises involved in the case should actively participate in responding to defend the overseas markets of China’s export products and protect their own legitimate rights and interests. For this purpose, the involved companies attach great importance to this and designate special personnel to be responsible. The China Light Industry Arts & Crafts Import & Export Chamber of Commerce will be responsible for the responding organization work of the case according to the “Regulations” above. The involved companies shall promptly contact the China Light Industry Arts & Crafts Import & Export Chamber of Commerce Fair Trade Work Department.

  • Design standard AWWA C502
  • Norminal Pressure:250PSI
  • One pumper nozzle,4.5-4 NH thread, Two hose nozzles, 2.5-7.5 NH threads,other kinds of threads are available
  • Mechanical connecter:AWWA/ANSI C153/A21.53 6″
  • The pillar hydrant, also sometimes referred to as the dry barrel hydrant, is one of the most visible signs of fire protection measures that can be employed by firefighters. They are placed in the streets for emergency purposes, and are utilized mostly if there is a fire in the immediate vicinity. The pillar hydrant is connected to the area`s water supply, which means that at any given time, the water supply can be utilized through the dry barrel hydrant. If a fire occurs in a place with a hydrant close by, firefighters can easily connect their hose lines to the dry barrel hydrant and use the water in the extinguishing process

UL FM Fire Hydrant

C503 Fire Hydrant Dry Barrel Wet Barrel Fire Hydrant UL/FM Approved