Why did the "Red Flag" not become "Maotai"?

As a veteran auto industry worker, we must grasp the pulse of the market in the past two years and keep a close eye on market changes. If we are not careful, we will lose in the hands of “new things”. For example, on a certain day, a relative or friend randomly refers to a certain car in the street, and asks what brand it is. If it is not, it will be questionable because the brand of new cars emerges in an endless stream and is hard to prevent. Those new LO GO moments will instantly destroy the fame established in the past ten years.

First hope, Ou Lang, Guan Zhi. The old Maybach fell. One year in China, a new batch of brands was born. This is the car market that is constantly moving forward, like cells that don't break and change. There is a sigh that rolls over the Yangtze River in the east and the waves ran out of heroes.

In the midst of the gloomy atmosphere, the constant birth of new brands is also considered as a joy for the automotive market. As to whether it is in line with the “family planning” policy, whether the pattern of multiple households can bring about a good desire to “get more children to fight” is not what it is for the time being. What is the future and who will survive for longer? Handle it by time.

Brand building needs patience, from the "inside" to "external propaganda," the carelessness of carelessness, the level of crisis public relations and the ability to adapt to changes, all of these forging brand reputation, and eventually become recognized. The word of mouth forms a brand premium.

Some time ago, the test drive of the modern luxury car Ekos from South Korea was comfortable and represented the highest level of manufacturing in the Korean automotive industry. Most car owners are government officials or corporate presidents. Of course, this is the light of self-protection of the Korean automotive industry. .

Koreans are proud to drive their own cars. The government also protects the country’s auto industry. Therefore, local auto companies have the opportunity to cultivate such things as Equus and speak Chinese in their own words: “independent brand luxury cars”. If you change its LO GO to Mercedes, not many people will find it different from the real Mercedes. But because it is modern in Korea, its reputation has only been accumulated for a short period of ten years, so it still lacks the time to settle in comparison with the truly influential big brands. As long as the Koreans have patience and persevere in their upward development, why does South Korea not create an oriental “Benz” myth again?

In the test of Equus, I suddenly thought of the red flag of China. If the red flag all the way to healthy development, what will it look like? Do Audi's "Official Cars" still have a chance to shine in China in the second spring?

The red flag was a product of a planned economy era, and later it rushed into the era of marketization, chaos. Because of the lack of patience, brand positioning is constantly dropping, actually taking the taxi route, and finally correcting it, but it also directly brings a crown model into the market, consuming only a surplus of surplus value --- your chassis engine gearbox Can not take people directly, but at least in the appearance to change it? As the firstborn of the Republic, "FAW" was so lost again and again that it became China's "Audi" opportunity.

Founded in the contemporary Moutai, ten years prices have doubled, the wine industry's survival pressure is greater, what liquor wine wine, which can not directly take the life of Maotai? However, Maotai persisted, but also mixed into a "luxury brand". As soon as he thought of it, he would blush on the "red flag".

Link @ Ye Weixian: The market is volatile and the auto market is changing quickly. However, the ever-changing nature of many brands has changed and the nature has been forgotten, holding the market to lose customers. Car brands want culture, but not one day they are derived from a similar brand. The automobile is not a product of quantitative change and qualitative change. On the contrary, it needs to achieve the ultimate in one thing. Mercedes-Benz and BMW have such diversification as Geely and Chery.

@Green Master: The stage of rapid growth of China's auto market is almost certain to come to an end. Next is the period of stable development. Without high growth, competition will naturally become more intense. The pressing task of local brands is to focus on design, core technology, and key zero. Parts and other areas are really improving their capabilities, rather than playing such a house of branded games. Ruiqi is said to be a high-end brand, the market did not recognize it, and now Guanzhi has been described as a Lexus Chery. Hyundai also had similar ideas for Chery to create a new high-end luxury brand, but eventually gave up because they were not confident enough to successfully operate a new luxury brand.

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