Wrecker Safety Driving Troubleshooting

Safe Driving
1) Before reversing the wrecker, you should carefully observe the reversing route and confirm that you have a safe reversing condition before you can revert. During the reversing process, you must drive slowly. Observe the situation on both sides of the wrecker and the rear, and pay attention to the space on both sides of the front at any time. Prepare the parking at any time so as not to cause accidents due to excessive turning angles. Even if the rear road conditions are good, you must not speed up the reverse.
2) Reversing on a general road should avoid traffic congestion, non-motorized vehicles, and roads with relatively narrow roads. When reversing, if you find that passing vehicles pass, you should take the initiative to stop and avoid. Because the U-turn needs reversing, you should choose to do it in a location that does not affect normal traffic.
3) For wreckers, if you need to turn around, you should choose not to prohibit the U-turn. The wide road sections with small traffic flow should be carried out. It is forbidden to turn around in areas that are not allowed to turn U-turns or dangerous road sections. Before wreckers turn around, they should first observe the wrecker behind the car. Traffic conditions, confirm safety.
4) During the process of U-turning, the wrecker should strictly control the speed of the vehicle, carefully observe the situation in front and rear of the road, confirm the safety before proceeding or reversing, and make preparations for parking at any time. When the slope must be turned, the parking brake should be used to control each stop so as to avoid accidents caused by the wrecker rolling.
Fault image
cause of issue
Method of exclusion
Wrecking arm lifting speed is slow and powerless
1 hydraulic power system failure
2 telescopic mechanism control valve, overflow valve failure
1 inspection, adjustment
2 Disassemble, clean, adjust or replace damaged components
Wrecker boom telescopic vibration
1 boom slider issue
2 telescopic cylinder is abnormal
Inspection processing
Wrong length of boom lifting section of wrecker cannot be compensated
1 solenoid valve failure
2 circuit failure
1 Clean the oil filter and replace the electromagnet
2Check the external line fault
Wrecker Lifter Automatic Retraction
1 telescopic cylinder failure
2 balance valve failure
Check and adjust telescopic cylinders and replace damaged components
Wrecker lifting mechanism does not move or move slowly
1 vehicle control valve failure
2 hydraulic motor failure
3 balance valve failure
4 lift brake failure
1 check processing
2 check processing
3 Adjust the replacement spring
4 adjust the replacement spring
When the wrecker lifts up and works, the movement is interrupted
Check valve failure
Cleaning, replacement
Loss of load control when the wrecker falls
Balance valve failure
Open cleaning
Wrecker Lift Mechanism Brakes Cannot Open
1 shuttle valve stuck
2 shuttle valve internal leakage
3 Bad brake piston seal
1 maintenance shuttle valve
2 service shuttle valve
3 Service brakes, replacement seals
Raise the limit and the volume does not ring
1 Bell damage
2 over coil relay damage
Wrecker car luffing cylinder automatic retract
1 The cylinder itself is faulty
2 balance valve failure
1 check processing
2 open cleaning, replacement of damaged components
Wrecker's amplitude change cylinder vibration
1 There is air in the cylinder
2 Misalignment of the balance valve or damage to the spool, blockage of the orifice
1 Multiple amplitude action when no load, charge exhaust
2 open, cleaning inspection, replacement of damaged components
Wrecker removal failure
Bidirectional hydraulic lock failure
Check and repair bidirectional hydraulic lock
Leg retract automatically when lifting
1 One-way two-valve seal failure in bidirectional hydraulic lock
3 cylinder internal leakage
1 Inspection check valve in two-way hydraulic lock
2 Service seals on the cylinder piston
No action or slow movement during lifting
1 hydraulic pump is damaged
2 overflow valve failure
3 rotary joint damage
4 Manual control valve is damaged
Inspection repair
The oil temperature rises too fast
1 hydraulic pump is damaged or fails
2 hydraulic oil pollution or insufficient oil
1 replacement or repair
2 should replace or add hydraulic oil
Wrecker hydraulic pump does not rotate
Failure of power take-off or its operating air path
Check, repair or replace power take-off and air system
High return pressure
Filter plug
Should replace the filter
Wrecker hydraulic oil leakage
1The seal is damaged
2 defective pipe connections
3 tube damage
1Replacement of seals
2 Tighten or replace the connector
3 replacement tube
Bad power to the rotary joint
1 Bad contact between brush and slip ring
2 wire joints open welding
1 Repair
2 repair wire joints
Oil system noise
1 Air exists in the piping
2 oil temperature is too low
3 Pipes and components are fastened
1 multiple movements, charge exhaust
2 Slow running oil pump to warm or change oil

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