Wuhan set up the first subway fasting law enforcement team in China can be fined 200 yuan

Wuhan set up the first domestic subway fasting law enforcement team can be fined 200 yuan diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-12-22

Yesterday, the Wuhan Metro Group revealed that starting from the 28th of this month, more than 300 law enforcement officers will be penalized for eating on the rail transit line that has been opened in the city.
Prior to this, the municipality, in the form of local legislation, clearly punished the uncivilized behaviors such as eating and spitting on rail transit lines on the day of the opening of the first phase of the Metro Line 2. Wuhan is the first city in China that has been expressly banned by local regulations.
According to reports, the Wuhan Metro Group has established a law enforcement team of more than 300 people, both of which are station personnel. They are responsible for daily supervision and law enforcement on the subway (including light rail).
According to the Wuhan Rail Transit Management Regulation, in addition to prohibiting food intake in trains, smoking, spitting, loose stools, chewing gum, and littering are prohibited at stations and trains; unauthorized access to trains, railway stations, and passages , Entrance and exit portraying, painting, posting, hanging objects; lying in the station, trains, entrances and exits, trampling seats, performing singing and dancing and carrying pets, poultry and other acts, the high fine can reach 200 yuan.
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