Xichai Two Diesel Engines Pass European Union Euro III Product Certification

Recently, Xichai CA6DM2-39E3, CA6DM2-42E3 diesel engine passed the European Union III product certification.

The CA6DM diesel engine adopts international advanced technologies such as four-valve and overhead double camshaft, and has abundant intake and exhaust flow. It is equipped with a world-class BOSCH EFI common rail system to ensure the stability and excellence of CA6DM product performance; The design of the engine optimizes the engine cooling system. With engine braking, the safety performance of the engine is greatly improved.

In order to allow new products of Xichai CA6DM to enter the foreign market smoothly, Xichaitex applied for the European Commission (ECE) to carry out Euro III product certification for CA6DM2-39E3 and CA6DM2-42E3.

During product certification, CA6DM products have stable performance and reliable quality; testers exquisite technology and dedicated spirit; the beautiful environment of the factory, first-rate facilities, etc. were subject to the European expert Roberts of TUV, Beijing Branch Manager Wan Feng, etc. Highly praised. It is agreed that Xichai CA6DM2-39E3 and CA6DM2-42E3 machines have passed the European Union III product certification.

As of this month, Xichai has passed 7 European products certification for its 7 products, marking that Xichai has obtained green passes for foreign markets such as Russia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. At present, Xichai has obtained orders for CA6DM bulk exports to Iran.

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