Will the pulsed electronic fence "bite"?

Will the pulsed electronic fence be "electrically dead"? As the name implies, the X6 pulsed electronic fence produces high voltage pulses that are not high voltage grids. A pulse voltage is generated every 1.5s through the hardware circuit of the host. This pulse voltage is amplified by the transformer into two high-voltage pulses of positive and negative 5.6KV, which are output to the front end alloy wire of the pulse electronic fence, thereby achieving the purpose of biting. .
So will the electronic fence cause fatal damage to the human body? The answer is definitely no. Because the pulse electronic fence is mainly for the main purpose of the alarm, supplemented by deterrence, his impact will only bounce off people and cause paralysis. The principle of normal high-voltage electric injury is that electrical energy is converted into thermal energy, also called electric burn. Our high-voltage pulsed electronic fences have a duration of less than 0.1 s per pulse, and the current during this time is extremely small, with a total energy of no more than 5 joules.
So don't worry about accidentally touching the deadly damage to the human body, but there will be a slight paralysis!
Our X-type pulsed electronic fence mainframe of our security guards has been tested by our engineers. When one hand catches a positive pulse and the other hand catches a negative pulse, at the moment of the pulse, it will feel a strong sense of paralysis. The hand will pop open immediately, and people will be afraid of this paralysis for a long time, but will never cause harm to the body. If a thief has tried the electric shock of being hit by the electronic fence of the guest, then I am afraid I might consider switching. And even if the thief wants to destroy the electronic fence, then the alarm function of our product may have to let the thief hear it.

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