About the use of vibrometer

The vibrometer is widely used in the manufacturing industry and other fields. How about normal use? This issue is also critical. Let's find out together.

For high-speed turbines and centrifugal compressor units that are automatically started and stopped, abnormal vibrations will promote fatigue of mechanical materials, lowering of strength, premature damage of parts, or friction of moving and static parts, which will worsen the operating conditions of the unit. In addition to the use of probes for eddy current axial displacement meters, vibrometer sensors can also be installed on the unit.

The types of vibrometers are mechanical, electric and electronic. Among them, the non-contact eddy current vibrometer has been widely used. Its principle, structure and eddy current axial displacement meter is basically the same, the difference is that the probe is located close to the location of the bearing, and in the vibration measurement requirements of the shaft diameter and the journal concentricity within 0.013mmn, The end face of the probe is perpendicular to the axis, that is, the vibration of the rotor is measured by measuring the vibration value of the bearing body.

There are many reasons for the vibration, such as the unbalance of the rotor itself, the interference of the centering and the vibration of the driver. The influence of complex factors such as the disturbance of the gas resonance in the piping system. The full amplitude measured by the vibrometer is a comprehensive vibration value. If the cause and influence of the vibration fault are specifically analyzed, an optional frequency conversion filter spectrometer or vibration spectrum can be added to the original receiver and indicator. Analyze the device to measure and record the vibration at different frequencies.

During the operation of piston compressors and centrifuges, abnormal vibration may also occur due to various reasons. When the amplitude of the vibrometer exceeds the allowable limit value, an abnormal vibration protection device is set to alarm or stop automatically.

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