Chengdu's Implementation of Environmental Protection New Deal Euro III Emission Standard Automobile Market Has Little Influence

A few days ago, it was reported that in order to improve the atmospheric quality of Chengdu’s atmosphere and protect the atmosphere, Chengdu is planning to increase the standard of car ownership from the current Euro I to Euro III in March of this year. As soon as this news came out, the environmental issue of the car once again attracted everyone's attention. The reporter was informed that at present, most of the cars sold on the Chengdu auto market have reached the Euro III emission standard, and the new automobile emission standards to be implemented will have little impact on the auto market.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Chengdu Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the impending implementation of the ban on entering the city only targets highly polluting vehicles below the Euro I standard. After the implementation of the Euro III standard, vehicles that have been licensed with the Euro I and Euro II standards are temporarily not included in this ban. The cars below Euro III are a phase-out process.

The reporter learned that the vehicles currently sold in the Chengdu auto market have basically reached the Euro III standard, including many small cars that have reached the Euro III standard last year. It is reported that among the vehicles currently sold on the Chengdu market, Alto is the Euro II standard, while other products of Changan Suzuki have reached the Euro III standard. Other car dealers in Chengdu also stated that because of the impact of environmental protection policies in Beijing and other places as early as the previous years, car manufacturers have already prepared and improved their engine technology. The vehicles sold have all met the environmental emission standards, and Chengdu’s auto market is not Will be affected. Reporter Ma Liming

"Price" high and oligopolitical III commercial vehicles were left out

Manufacturers said they will work on the overall cost of use

With the arrival of the final limit of the National III emission standards, domestic commercial truck companies, such as trucks and passenger cars, have all launched the National III products. However, when the reporter visited the commercial vehicle market in Chengdu recently, it was learned that the sales of the State III commercial vehicle were very cold and almost no one was interested. Dealers said that mainly because consumers can not accept the price of the State III commercial vehicle, there is a wait-and-see mentality, combined with the large number of commercial vehicles on the market still sold in the State II. In response, related companies and industry insiders said that they will actively take measures to absorb the pressure brought by high costs to consumers.

"The price of the National III truck is too high!", in the Chenming Eastern Auto Market in Wugui Bridge, Chengdu, a car buyer stated that compared with the price of the National II, if the price is two or three thousand, it is still acceptable. Many cars are now available. The increase of 80,000 is daunting. In comparison, he finally chose a national II inventory car. It is understood that this sentiment has affected the sales of commercial vehicles in January this year. According to the latest statistics released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers on January 20, commercial vehicles produced a total of 217,600 commercial vehicles in January this year, an increase of 9.15% from the previous month and sales of 197,500 vehicles, a decrease of 3.19% from the previous month.

In the interview, the reporter learned that some commercial vehicle companies in China are adopting measures such as reducing management costs, increasing production efficiency, increasing vehicle profits, and even reducing the allocation to reduce costs, in order to cope with the difficulty in sales of China III vehicles. However, according to Chen Chaoliang, general manager of the commercial vehicle sales company of the Youth Automotive Group, the price of State III commercial vehicles has mainly risen on raw materials such as engines and steel, and it is unlikely that prices will be drastically reduced.

The well-known car commentator Jia Xinguang believes that the current consumer awareness of consumption is still limited to one-time car purchase costs. There is no overall understanding of the comprehensive use cost after the purchase of failure rates, maintenance, maintenance, attendance, and fuel consumption. Car production and marketing companies have not done enough to guide consumption. In response, many commercial vehicle companies have stated that they will work on comprehensive cost marketing. Ling Shihai, general manager of Sichuan Yinhe Automobile Group, said that the company's marketing department is working on plans to promote the company's comprehensive use of cost advantages; Wang Dayong, deputy general manager of Chengdu Bus Co., Ltd., also said that this year the company will highlight environmental protection and encourage everyone to use the country. III products.

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