Two deaths and five disappearances due to a ship-roofing accident at Jiangxi Yuanyuan Reservoir

Two dead and five missing diesel generators due to capsulation accident in Jiangxi Yuanyuan Reservoir | Diesel Generator Price / 2012-07-25

At 7 o'clock on the 25th on the 25th, a communism reservoir in Zhushan Township, Wuyuan County, Jiangxi Province, caused a traffic accident with overturning boats. Two people were killed and five were missing.
Due to the weather drought in the past few days, Wuyuan County Antai New Rural Power Engineering Service Co., Ltd. organized the repair of power drainage and irrigation facilities. During the transit of rescue personnel through the reservoir, a boat tripped over, resulting in two deaths, five missing and five rescued. After the accident, the Shangrao Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government requested the county and township party committee governments and relevant departments to make full efforts to search for and rescue the people who had fallen into the water, ensure the safety of people's lives and properties, and properly handle the aftermath of the accident. Cause of the accident is under further investigation.
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