· China Consumers Association 2017 complaints over the top of the list of more than 720,000 cars

On the 30th, China Consumers Association released the analysis of complaints received by the National Consumers Association in 2017. According to the statistics of the National Consumers Association's acceptance of complaints, the National Consumers Association received 726,840 consumer complaints in 2017, and solved 552,398 complaints. The rate is 76%, and the economic loss for the consumers is 516.39 million yuan. Due to the insolvency of shared bicycle companies, the deposit could not be refunded in time, causing complaints from national groups, and the complaint resolution rate was affected by the previous year.
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According to the nature of complaints, contract issues accounted for 31.07%, after-sales service issues accounted for 28.35%, quality issues accounted for 21.75%, false propaganda issues accounted for 5.87%, price issues accounted for 3.18%, security issues accounted for 2.37%, counterfeiting problems accounted for 2.33%, measurement problems Accounted for 0.85%, the issue of personal dignity accounted for 0.57%, and other issues accounted for 3.67%. Contract issues, after-sales service and product quality are still the main causes of complaints, accounting for more than 80% of the total number of complaints.
Among all the complaints, there were 305,463 commodity complaints, accounting for 42.03% of the total complaints. Compared with the same period of last year, the proportion decreased by 15.71 percentage points; service complaints were 382,823, accounting for 52.67% of the total complaints, and the proportion increased by 16.72. Percentage points, 38,554 other goods and services complaints, accounting for 5.30% of the total number of complaints.
According to the 2017 major complaints data, the proportion of complaints has decreased compared with last year. The number of complaints about household electrical appliances, vehicles, clothing, shoes and hats, household goods and building materials is still in the top five. .
In addition, according to the 2017 service category complaint data, Internet services, sales services, life social services, telecommunications services, and cultural, entertainment, and sports services rank among the top five in service complaints. Compared with 2016, the number of Internet service complaints increased significantly, mainly because some shared bicycle companies could not perform the refund of the deposit, which led to a surge in related complaints.
Among the specific commodity complaints, the top five complaints were: automobiles and parts, communication products, clothing, shoes, food, etc. Compared with 2016, air-conditioning products entered the top ten of commodity complaints.
Among the specific service complaints, the top five complaints were remote shopping, store sales, mobile phone services, network access services, and operational Internet services. The number of complaints about remote shopping with online shopping as the main body still ranks first in service complaints, and there are frequent violations. It is necessary to further increase the protection of consumer rights in the online shopping field.

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