The most expensive of the latest 100 common car parts is the original!

Recently, the China Insurance Industry Association and the China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association released the latest phase-to-zero ratio data for vehicles, covering 100 models with prices of less than 1 million. Through this zero-to-zero ratio data, everyone can learn about the cost of car maintenance, and it has great reference value for selecting cars and vehicles.


Zero-to-zero ratio is the ratio of the price of auto parts to the sales price of the entire vehicle. The higher the zero-to-zero ratio means that the more expensive the accessories, the greater the maintenance costs.

Judging from the overall data, the top ten models except the Mazda Ruiyi are all luxury brand models, of which the Mercedes-Benz GLC tops the list with 667.04%, which means that Mercedes-Benz GLC can buy nearly 7 brand-new Mercedes-Benz GLC together .

Below, we look at the zero-to-total ratio rankings of various common models by price range.

Less than 100,000:


Of the 27 models with less than 100,000, the zero-to-total ratio of Japanese cars was significantly higher, with the highest being Toyota Vios, a zero-to-full ratio of 471.68%, Honda's Fit and Nissan's Sylphy being the two models representing each of their respective brands. The second and fifth places are divided. The United States Department of the Furus ranked sixth with 331.54%, not too low, compared with the same level of Kowalz and Jetta's zero ratio is a bit lower.

The overall ranking of the self-owned brand is lower, and the lowest one is the Wuling Hongguang that everyone is very familiar with.

10-20 million range:


100,000-200,000 is the most common price range for family cars, while Japanese cars have once again performed outstandingly. Toyota, Honda, Mazda, and Mitsubishi are all ranked high. Among them, the old Mazda 6-wing wing wins with a huge data rate of 516.08%. Parts can be said to be It is not very cheap, but it is also related to the fact that it has been discontinued. It is a pity that Atez was not included in the survey and could not be informed of the new data.

In this price range, French cars have also become active. From Sega to 308, the odds ratio is high. The self-owned brand is still relatively low, but the Roewe GS8 has become the champion of the autonomous car with 328.27% of the data. In addition, the Korean cars and autonomous vehicles are comparable and the parts do not look expensive.

20-30 million yuan range


After 200,000, the price is the home of luxury cars. Japanese and Volkswagen can only go back to the back.

30-50 million yuan range


The Champion Mercedes-Benz GLC has emerged. BMW and Audi are only willing to follow suit, and the gap between Audi and BMW is not small. It is considered that the BBA spare parts are relatively cheap.

More than 500,000


Just finished praise Audi, A8 will come face to face ... Well, who let you all are large luxury cars, think it is not cheap.


In addition, in the spark plug, three filters and other common parts burden index, the sample model of the highest index of the ten models are still dominated by luxury brands, of which the most is the Beijing Mercedes-Benz GLC, the common parts burden index is 29.24, and JAC and Yue A13 accidents In the third place, the cost of keeping a car is quite high compared with the price of the car; in addition, the lowest model is the Haval H6, and the most commonly used component affordability index is 9.48.

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