Reverse detonation

Reverse detonation

[Procedures] Article 352 When millisecond blasting is used in the mining face of a high gas mine, if reverse detonation is used, safety technical measures must be formulated.

[Executive Note] When the reverse blasting of the milliwatt blasting in the mining face of the high gas mine is reversed, the following regulations must be observed:

(A) must be compatible with the grade of gas, coal mining product qualification permissible explosives, electric detonators mine allowable delay in milliseconds and coal allowable total delay time digital electronic detonator shall not exceed 130ms.

(2) The mine allows the millisecond detonator to conduct conduction inspection before leaving the warehouse.

(3) The blasthole sealing mud strictly implements the provisions of Article 359 of the Regulations.

(4) The arrangement of the blasthole, the depth of the blasthole, the amount of charge, and the order of detonation must strictly follow the provisions of the blasting instructions.

(5) Before blasting, the blaster must perform a full resistance check on the electric blast network using a special instrument that obtains a safety sign.

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